Vol.45 Ms. Sayaka Ueda (track and field)

“Special” and “Unforgettable” four years

Today’s beyond story is about Ms. Sayaka Ueda who is in the track and field club and 4th years at Ritsumeikan University. She talked to us that her track and field life and feelings she wants to tell to her juniors.

Being able to fight while praising each other

 When she started athletics, she specialized in different events, but her curiosity prompted her to start mixed events. We asked her about the goodness of mixed events.


 She said, “The good thing about the seven events that I feel is that you can fight while complimenting each other with the rivals you fight with. Unlike other events, mixed events have two days and many events are played alone. It’s tough because you have to do it. However, in mixed events, when you run 800m with players from other universities, you praise each other for good fights, shake hands, and when you set a record with a high jump, everyone rejoices. I always enjoy the moment when I enjoy playing with players from other universities.

A miracle to continue the competition

〜 Give back to those who supported me 〜

 She said, “I had a serious ankle injury in the winter of my third year of high school and had an emergency operation. The operation was successful, but when I was injured, I felt that my life on land was over, and it was painful and heartbreaking. I cried all day long.”

She said, “But a lot of people came to visit me and gave me a lot of words of encouragement.” It’s not Sayaka unless you smile. It may be painful now, but someday if you do your best in rehabilitation “The day will come when I’m glad I did my best” she said. At that time, I felt, “I’m happy that there are such kind people around me.” I did my best to rehabilitate because I wanted to set a record at university for the people who supported me.”

She said, “Rehabilitation continued after I entered college, and the first and second grade students were injured and suffering. However, I think it is a miracle to be able to continue the competition while some people have retired from the competition due to injury. In the first place, it is a miracle that you can live a normal life even though you have been seriously injured, and there were many people around you who supported and supported you. That is why I tried to do my best for those people as a gratitude thought.”

The moment that the flower bloomed in the suffering.

She keeps moving forward with the support around him even though she suffers from the injure, and finally, the moment that efforts unite come.

“Kansai inter college in 3rd year is the most impressive game ever. The game was that I finally could practice a lot for that and welcomed to the match because I couldn’t do satisfied practice from entering in the university. [Since I was here in Ritsumeikan University, not getting good results was suffering for me. And I had thought that what am I doing] So, I was glad to get achieve the goal [Win the Kansai inter college.], and I was also glad to stand on the podium with Yamashita who is my junior. I felt that finally flower bloomed because I could overcome the injure and do good game.”

We had Ms.Ueda who will be a member of society after graduating from college.

talk about his goal in the future.

“I have made effort and goal to get good score in the competition so far. I think that even there is a difference what I do to achieve the goals, efforts connect all of results in the future even if I become a member of society. So I will aim the top even in the work by using experience of track and field.”

“I have done it! It was so fun! and I was glad to be in Ritsumeikan!”

She overcame difficult seasons and ran to the end. We asked her what she wanted to tell her juniors when she retired.

“There are possibilities to have injuries. But I don't think that if you get injured, you won't be able to get results anymore. I think that the goals you want to achieve and the things you want to achieve will be linked to how you face each other and make efforts in a difficult situation. So, if someone feels negative with injury, you must not forget to set some goals. Ritsumeikan has a very good environment where we can enhance each other, so it is very grateful to be able to run it. I hope everyone has no regret, set goals, and said ‘I have done it! It was so fun! and I was glad to be in Ritsumeikan!’ “


I’m glad that the day,

when I was glad that I did my best, came

Finally, she told what women track and field club was for her.

She said that it is precious treasure. Ritsumeikan members get along well and her team is cozy, so she is satisfied they can adopt good points each other and work hard by competing with each other. She has met various people for four years and their yell always acted as an encouragement to her. When she sees their faces, she feels relieved. Also, she could meet juniors who worked hard in hand with and she was able to work hard thanks to these people. Looking back so far, I’m glad that the day, when ai was glad I did my best, came. She said that the time she spent in Ritsumeikan women track and field club was “special” and “unforgettable”.

Although she retired from the competition, we hope Ms. Ueda will be active in the new stages!

Interviewer: Fumika Saijo (sports and science 3rd )

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Translated by Nakata Ryo (3rd International Relations)

Iwami Toshiya (3rd Policy science)

Saho Hashimoto (3rd Literature)

 Chihiro Saegusa (3rd Literature)